Why Ultimate Bundles Are My New Favorite Thing

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Do you like to save money? Well, I sure do!  I also like to read and learn how to do new things. It seems like there are at least a zillion e-books and articles with ideas and how-tos floating around on the internet. Where do you even start?

That’s where Ultimate Bundles comes in.  They gather information and resources from top influencers all around the web and share them for a much lower price than buying all of those products separately. It’s much like when the grocery store offers you a severely discounted price for purchasing multiples of certain items. This is just on a much larger scale!

They offer what they call Evergreen Bundles throughout the year. These Bundles cover categories like Working From Home and Gut Health. Then at various other times, they hold special “flash sales” on other topics.  I’ve personally purchased the Homemaking Bundle and the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.  There is an immense amount of information and education packed into both of those!

There is a Photography Bundle coming up that I’m especially interested in. There’s also a flash sale (called a Bundle Festival) in January that has five different Bundles that can be purchased for one low price. The Bundles in this sale include Ultimate Healthy Living, Parenting Super Bundle, Herbs and Essential Oils, Freedom Fitness Bundle, and Conquer Your Clutter. They can be purchased individually or as a “bundle” of five for even bigger savings!

Like I said before, these Bundles contain a lot of products and generally come with a few bonuses as well.  The Homemaking Bundle came with workbooks, planners, printables, recipes, e-books, articles, and other things too numerous to list.

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit has helped me organize my blog and given me so many resources to study. I’m working on making this blog a full-time job and a lot of the information I’m using came from this specific Bundle!

These Bundles allow me to have access to a lot of information at one time.  And I don’t have to search the entire internet for it!

Some examples of past products in the Homemaking Bundle are:  A Zero Budget Christmas (I actually bought the Homemaking Bundle for this!), 31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero, Busy Moms Make Ahead Breakfast Cookbook, DIY Art Journal, Great Dates With Your Mate, Minimize the Mess, Slow Cooker Favorites, Yearly Planner, and much more. Honestly, the list was so huge that I still haven’t read them all.

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit had material ranging from setting up a blog to the right ways to use social media to tax information and beyond! It has definitely been a very valuable resource.

These Bundles may not appeal to every single person, but there is just something incredibly exciting about getting so much for so little!  I do love feeling like I’m getting a bargain.  : )

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Work From Home Super Bundle



Ultimate Bundles Festival 


Ultimate Bundles Festival


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