When Strange Combinations Become the Best New Snacks…

It should be no secret to anybody in the world that I like to eat and I like to try new foods. Sometimes the things I try are totally random, as is the case with my newest favorite snack combination!

My daughter actually suggested I try this (because she will suggest things like that and then not always try them herself) and it was definitely an awesome idea. She happens to believe that one of the very best salty snacks out there is the little square of cheesy cracker goodness called a Cheez-It. I happen to believe that one of the best salty snacks is a chip of BBQ scrumptiousness (I do not care if scrumptiousness is not a word. It should be.) called a Grippo. Most people have heard of Cheez-Its, but the Grippo company only serves a certain region, so it is probably not as well-known. They have different varieties (the Sweet Maui Onion is another favorite) of snacks, as well as seasoning and bbq sauce. I’ve been eating them for decades and my mother once declared that I should be the poster child for BBQ Grippos!!

Spizzie thought it would be a fantabulous (also not a real word) idea if we put the two together and she proved, once again, just how brilliant she is. These two snacks are yummy on their own, but when you put them together you get that OMGoodness we all crave!

When Strange Combinations Become the Best New Snacks... www.thatonemom.com

Now, this may or may not qualify as a real recipe, but this is how it’s done:

Pour one box (minus however many your child has eaten) of Cheez-Its into a bowl.  I’m not sure what the average size box is, but that’s the one we used.    Then you pour one bag (or two, if you have any left) of BBQ Grippos on top of the Cheez-Its. (Grippos come in different sizes, but I prefer the twin bags.  Don’t ask me why, it’s a childhood thing, I guess!)  Gently stir, shake, toss, or whatever you can do that will mix them up and not break the chips! You can also just pick up one of each and stack them together. The key is to get a bite of cracker AND chip at the same time. That way, you are getting the complete flavor profile (I learned that from “Chopped”) and your taste buds will thank you for it!!

Just in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post (not that I’m against those, I just haven’t really done any). I did find Cheez-Its and BBQ Grippos on Amazon though. That One Mom is an Amazon Affiliate and clicking on the links below will take you to Amazon. Also, making a purchase will result in a little extra income for That One Mom and will help keep this blog running. As always, you are under no obligation to follow the link OR make a purchase!!

What weird food combos do you like to eat??


When Strange Combinations Become the Best New Snacks... www.thatonemom.com

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