Why LimeLife by Alcone Is a Great Opportunity for Moms

Why is LimeLife by Alcone a Great Opportunity for Moms?!?

First, let me please say that LimeLife by Alcone offers a great opportunity for anyone. Basically, if you are a person, LimeLife is for you. As fabulous as these products are, they don’t know whether you are a mom, businessperson, or a super spy! They don’t even know if you are male or female.

Whether you want to use it or sell it, it’s right for everyone. But because I’m speaking from my own experience level as both a mom and a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone, I’m recommending it for moms most of all.

What is LimeLife

Just in case you are wondering what LimeLife even is, here’s a brief explanation: LimeLife by Alcone is a skincare and cosmetics Direct Sales business started as an extension of the Alcone company (who have decades of experience in the cosmetics industry) to get professional products into the hands of everyone at home. These words are important—professional products! All the products that LimeLife puts out are tested and approved by actual professional makeup artists before they are released to the public. When they say, “use what the pros use,” they aren’t just making stuff up!

How Does That One Mom Know About This Company

Just in case you didn’t read it earlier, prepare yourself…I’m a LimeLife by Alcone Beauty Guide. Now before you get all mad at me and think I’m just telling you this because I’m pushing a sale or something, let me give you a little backstory.

Years ago, when the internet was practically a dinosaur, I joined a Direct Sales makeup company. (I won’t name a name because that’s not important.) Social media wasn’t really a thing back then and if you wanted to sell, you had to keep inventory and have parties. I kept inventory. I had parties. I went HUGELY into debt and quit the company when it became obvious to me that I just didn’t have what it takes to sell things. It took me a decade to pay off that debt. And I told myself I would never sell anything again.

Fast forward to 2018. My skin was suffering from years of neglect with the addition of newly discovered thyroid disease, vitamin deficiencies, and a thing called Chiari that resulted in Neurosurgery. None of the products I tried worked—not the expensive brands or the all-natural stuff. I was seriously tired of trying, but when you can run your fingernail down your face and make a tunnel through the dry skin quitting is not really an option. Something had to give!

My friend kept talking about LimeLight (a name change came shortly after they went International) and it sounded amazing. She kept suggesting that I would love the products and the company, and I was pretty much desperate for anything to help my skin. I was also adamant that I never wanted to sell anything again. But honestly, she looked like she was having so much fun and between my life and some things my daughter was going through, I decided that a Direct Sales business would be good for both of us.

Did I mention I hadn’t actually tried the products yet?? Because I hadn’t!

I loved the idea that I didn’t have to have inventory or meet quotas and people could just order from a website. That had a huge appeal after the mess I made of my previous business.

And I was seriously interested in the makeup—even though I knew NOTHING about putting on makeup! My daughter liked to do character faces though and this stuff was professional grade, so I wanted it. I just couldn’t bring myself to make the commitment and sign up.

Then I tried the skincare products. OH EM Goodness…the skincare!!!

My skin hadn’t felt that wonderful in so long. I’d forgotten what it was like not to dislike my skin. I tried the products and ordered my kit the next day. I haven’t looked back either.

Just So You Know

Let me be completely transparent with you right now…I’m not a company super star.

I don’t make thousands of dollars every month, although there are quite a few people who do. (The Comp plan in this company is like non other.) I do, however, make a little spending money every month. Every little bit counts, right?!?

I’ve made the top of a few lists on my team, but I’ve not made the top of the company lists. I’m not top in sales or recruiting either (although I do have a little team started).

I don’t have parties every week or even every month. I don’t do events or apply makeup for photo shoots. I don’t post about LimeLife constantly or do live videos on the regular.

The amount of money I’ve made exceeds the amount of work I’ve put in though and I’ve decided to start working a little bit harder at it to see what else is possible!

I’ve used my LimeLife by Alcone paychecks to buy groceries, paint, an anniversary gift for my husband, Prom shoes and accessories for my daughter, a new vacuum cleaner, workout clothes and a Pilates band for me, gas for the car, treats like donuts and ice cream, and more LimeLife products! I’ve also used it to pay bills, buy gifts, and take my family out to dinner. There are people out there earning enough to pay off their debt, buy new vehicles or houses, and go on fantastic vacations. I hope to be one of those someday!

More importantly, LimeLife has given me a confidence and a sense of determination that I really didn’t even realize I was looking for. There is no amount of money that can replace that.

But Beth, Why Do You Think It’s So Great for Moms?

Here’s why I think LimeLife by Alcone is so incredibly fabulous for all the moms out there:

  • Extra income. Moms are always looking for ways to make extra money and LimeLife by Alcone has one of the most incredibly compensation plans out there. Our CEO has a heart for giving and she wants the people in this company to be able to earn what they are worth. With LimeLife, you can earn a part-time or full-time income for yourself and your family.
  • Ability to get stuff done. Moms are multi-taskers. Whether we are working outside of the home or in it, we usually have at least a half-dozen things going on at one time. We know how to juggle things and a Direct Sales business can fit in great—especially if you choose one like LimeLife that doesn’t require you to be working it 24/7.
  • Educational. LimeLife by Alcone is incredibly collaborative. You won’t be signed up and left to fend for yourself. LimeLife has all sorts of trainings to help you grow and develop your business. From company resources, emails, and social media groups to Team pages, in person events, and video calls, there are all sorts of ways that information is being shared and taught. You are never truly alone in this company. And if you feel like you are, you just reach out and somebody will be there for you!
  • Did I mention money already?!? Because LimeLife has amazing earning potential. There are no quotas or minimums for your sales. You get commission on anything you sell…no matter how small the amount. Of course, the higher your sales, the higher your commission. When you reach certain thresholds, you get extra percentages added on and of course, having a team can earn you even more. Fun fact though, we don’t make commission by signing team members on. When our team members earn money, we earn money.
  • Work whenever and wherever. You can work from anywhere. Literally anywhere. Some Beauty Guides only sell on the internet. Some only have home shows or do one-on-one facials. Some do a mixture of all the things. You can send messages or make videos while the kids are napping, hand out samples at school/playgroup/doctor’s office, etc., or have an online party while the kids are at school or in bed for the night. And don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. People will want to know how you got your skin looking so gorgeous. How you work your business and where you work it from is up to you!
  • Be Noticed. You’ll finally get the recognition you deserve! Well, okay, maybe not from your family. But from your LimeLife family you will! LimeLife by Alcone is big on giving people credit where credit is due. This comes in the form of team shout outs, recognition reports, emails, messages from your upline, gifts, and incentives.
  • Encouragement just for you. Somebody will encourage you for a change. Maybe not all the time—you are a grownup running a business after all—but definitely more than what most of us get on a regular basis! It’s kind of a nice to have someone say that they appreciate me and believe in me and feel like they really mean it. You can’t get that just anywhere!
  • Use what the pros use. You get access to the best natural-based skincare and professional cosmetics ever and you earn money on the things you buy for yourself. Win win!



At the End of the Day…

These are just the major reasons why I think LimeLife by Alcone is great for moms. Of course, it is a business, so the amount of money you earn really depends on you and how seriously you take it. If you want to use quality products and earn money sharing something you are going to use anyway, a Direct Sales company is definitely a great way to do that. And LimeLife might just be the company for you!

Scrubtini from LimeLife by Alcone


QUESTIONS??? Visit my personal LimeLife by Alcone site or email me at beth@thatonemom.com!


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  1. This was a great read, could not have said it any better as a Beauty Guid myself. I got involved because I believed in the value their products brought to the market. I am celebrating my first year as a Beauty Guide. I have made some significant results but not a super star. As a male in this business there are challenges to overcome, I focus on what I have as strengths and control what I can and don’t let the uncontrollable affect me. Thanks for the blog, very inspiring and so true.

    • That’s awesome Kevin! I love hearing from a male perspective how amazing these products and this company all are!! People tend to think we are all about throwing on some makeup and being pretty, but it’s more about loving who you are and the opportunity LimeLife can provide. Keep going…the future with LimeLife holds some pretty great things for us!!