Wickedly Witch-y Halloween Porch

Well boys and girls, it’s October already!  Can you even believe how fast this year is flying by?  I think it’s because I haven’t wanted it to be over so soon.  Lots and lots of changes in our household this year…this growing up business has been a little heartbreaking for me!

Anyway, October is here.  And while I’m starting to make plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still feel the need to celebrate Halloween a little.  Any holiday that encourages the sharing of candy works for me!!  I really don’t do an extreme amount for Halloween.  I like to decorate my porch, but decorations in the house are minimal unless I decide to have a party.  Then I will add a few things to make it look more festive.  I have to say that I’m really excited to have finished decorating my porch.  At least I think I’m finished.  I keep seeing little projects that I think would improve the look of things!

Wickedly Witch-y Front Porch Decor

I had a really hard time decorating this year.  I moved the furniture three times before I finally just told myself to stop!  I usually have a small cafe table and chairs on my porch, but I moved them into the house this year.   My Momma bought me that adorable red bench for my birthday and I really wanted it on my porch for everyone to see.  The only problem is that it’s not the kind of bench you can just cover up.  Well…I guess you could.  But it’s so cute, why would you want to?  At any rate, it sort of changed my mind about my green and black theme.  Actually, I would’ve done away with green altogether, but I already had some around the door and I am way too lazy to take it down and start again!

Enter if you dare...

I’m incredibly crappy with this deco mesh stuff.  I also have gaps on either side of my door where we replaced it and the siding no longer fit.  I can only do so much with it.  It has some weird-looking, shingle-like material underneath.  In my mind, I was going to attach all sorts of things to this, but so far I’ve only put up a spider web and my broom.  I did make the spider web myself (felt spider web from The Dollar Tree and some glitter) and although it is really cute, I would like to try some with black glitter.  You would think with all the glitter in this house, there would be a bottle of black somewhere, but I couldn’t find it!  So silver it is…

What a tangled web


My goal was to not spend very much on my decorations, but I missed that a little.  I did get six pumpkins and cushaws for only $11 at the local flea market.  I bought two HUGE mums (red and yellow) for $10 each and I won another at a baby shower last weekend.  I also won a painted pumpkin.  It was white with aqua polka-dots…totally made me wish I had changed my color choice!  I bought the deco mesh (black and green) last month for less than $8 a roll.  So I didn’t quite make the “no-spend decorating” that I had in mind, but I just couldn’t make the porch come together without some flowers and pumpkins.  I have dozens of projects pinned to make, but my hair also needs coloring and that isn’t getting done right now either!!!  So much to do, so little time!

A wicked witch lives here.

Do you see that cat?  It just appeared here one day and it won’t go away.  There are plenty of mice for it to eat out here in the country, so I don’t worry about it starving.  However, it likes to climb on my window and scratch on the screen.  It also likes to lay on anything soft and knock things over.  Plus, it makes me itch.  Somebody come and get it, please!  Until you do, I am going to pretend it is a witch’s familiar and therefore, belongs with my Halloween porch.  : )


Naturally, I used my brooms and my “Witch Parking” sign.  It took me two days of searching through boxes to find that toad.  I am dedicated.  Dedicated, I tell you!

Witch Parking Only

I also used my “Happy Halloween” sign from last year, but I changed the orange deco mesh to black and added a bow I made out of orange and black plaid ribbon.  I love that ribbon!  I got a huge roll of it and I think I’ll use it to make some sort of garland for my living room.  Next year.

Trick or Treat2

I love my Halloween tree!  It could probably use something extra, but I adore that little witch.  She’s soooo cute!  I also love ugly pumpkins.  I think I’ll try to plant some of my own next year, along with white pumpkins and some gourds.  Yes, that is a good goal for me to have!

Little Witch Ugly Pumpkins


That is basically all I have done.  I didn’t get a good picture of the entire porch, but it’s not as cute if you look at it as a whole anyway!!!  I’m glad I got it finished, because now I can concentrate on more important things…like getting ready for Christmas.  Woohoo!!




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