Top 10 Tips For Decluttering Your Stuff!!

 Top 10 Tips For Decluttering Your Stuff!! I’m a big reader.  I really like to read articles about things I need to do and then imagine what it would be like if I actually did them.  I guess I could be described as a somewhat passive do-er.  (Meaning that I don’t always do a lot until I get to the point of being overwhelmed and decide I MUST do something.) One of the things I like to read about and not do is {Read More}

House and Money: Organizing Everything! (Plus a Savings Plan Printable)

This is the year I get everything organized.  Absolutely.  Everything. My house is a mess.  Every room is swiftly turning into a catch-all room.  And the finances.  Well, they need organizing too. Not to mention my blog, my health, and my mind!  I’m not sure there’s any help for my mind though.  Except that I remember reading somewhere that “Clutter confuses the mind and a confused mind shuts down.”  If I don’t get this stuff under control, I may very well {Read More}