10 Interesting Facts About Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  Hope everyone is having a relaxing day off and if you are traveling, please do it safely!

I’m sure at some point in my grade school career, we had to research or write an essay about Labor Day, but for the life of me I don’t remember!  (That’s no surprise.)  I started thinking about it today and I wasn’t even sure exactly why or when we started celebrating Labor Day, so I decided to look it up and share some facts with you.

1.  Labor Day is a national tribute to the contributions of workers.  It was considered a “workingman’s holiday.”

2.  It became a federal holiday in 1894.

3.  Labor Day takes place on the first Monday in September.

4.  Many places celebrate Labor Day with parades, picnics, fireworks displays, or other special events.

5.  BBQ’s and lake trips are really popular Labor Day activities where I live!

6.  Labor Day also marks “the end of summer” for some school children.  (But not where we live!)

7.  Labor Day actually started in Canada.

8.  The first Waffle House opened on Labor Day.  Guess they didn’t get the day off.

9.  It used to be considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day.  That notion is not nearly as popular now.

10.  The day my sister was born fell on a Labor Day.  I always thought that was ironic!

So there you have it!  Hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled, and safe Labor Day.  (If you are lucky enough to have a day off, that is!)

10 Interesting Facts About Labor Day!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Beth! Britne and I were just talking about what the meaning of Labor Day was. I wasn’t sure about my facts at the time (I was driving) but told her I would google it. Well, lo and behold, I get home and you’ve done the research for me! I think a lot of people have forgetten what certain holidays mean besides a sale! Thank you again for sharing and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Becky! I’m a little ashamed that I really couldn’t remember any facts about Labor Day. Surely I learned about it at some point!! And thank you for reading!!