Happy Chocolate-Will-Be-Half-Price-Tomorrow Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Chocolate-Will-Be-Half-Price-Tomorrow Day!! www.thatonemom.com

This isn’t traditionally one of my favorite holidays.  The cost of “romantic” things skyrockets, you can’t get into any of the good restaurants without waiting an extreme amount of time, and people are often left feeling rejected by the lack of romantic gestures in their lives.  Not always the single people either!

I basically feel like the whole day is a little overrated and I try to lighten the mood with humor.  Apparently though, saying “Happy Singles Awareness Day” and “Happy VD” aren’t appropriate.  Oops.  I wonder if I shouldn’t use “Hope all you mothers have a great day” when that holiday comes up in May?

Seriously though, Valentine’s candy will be half-price tomorrow.  That’s one of the first things my husband said this morning.  After exchanging our usual Valentine’s pleasantries (we don’t really do gifts), he told me he was really more excited about tomorrow.  When I asked him what was happening tomorrow, he said “Candy will be 50% off!!”  He’s easily pleased.

Sadly, it’s not the pricey chocolate he’s after.  He wants conversation hearts.  Probably the cheapest candy you can buy on Valentine’s Day and the Super Trooper is waiting for it to be half-price…that’s my guy!!

His love of those weird little candies did spark our own “conversation” though.  Personally, I would like to have a bag of sarcastic, indifferent, or semi-inappropriate candy hearts.  I feel I could convey much more with those than I could with the traditional “I love you,” “be mine,” or “you rock” messages.  So our little family came up with a few of our own.

Conversation Heart Messages That Should Be Printed:

You’re okay

OMG…Your Face


I Kindof Like You

Who Farted?

You’ll Do

Your Butt Isn’t That Big

I Could Do Better

You’re a Pain

I Love Me

Happy VD

Kiss My…

Forget It

On Parole

Those are just a few of the lovely little gems we came up with morning.  I’m guessing they won’t be printing them anytime soon, so in the meantime, my husband will have to make do with his half-price goodies tomorrow.  I don’t want any candy and I’m not expecting any big gifts today.  The Super Trooper did say he would clean the bathroom.  If he washed the dishes too, I would declare it the best Valentine’s Day ever!!!

Hope you all have a happy day!!



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  1. Had someone tell me “Hump my leg” should be one! I found that hilarious! And I’m with your husband, I look forward to 1/2 price chocolate tomorrow. Happy day after Valentines to us!