More Ways To Earn Extra Christmas Cash or Jump-Start Your New Year Savings!

One thing a lot of people seem to be working toward this year is a debt-free holiday season.  There are a lot of ways to earn extra Christmas cash and I’ve actually already covered a few in my 10 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Christmas Cash post.  Here are just a few more:

More Ways To Earn Extra Christmas Cash or Jump-Start Your New Year Savings!

TopCashBack–I actually forgot I had even used this program.  I found my username and password on a random piece of paper and thought I would login just for kicks!  Turns out, I had a payout waiting on me.  Surprise!  I asked for the payout and it only took a few days.  If you are going to be shopping online, you might as well get money back for your purchases.  They are also having a contest on the website right now.  If you find the hummingbird, you can get special prizes in the form of instant wins, as well as chances to win the big $1,000 prize.  It’s worth a look!

Superpoints–This is a new site for me.  I saw it on several other blogs and thought I would try it out.  It’s basically like a lot of other points programs where you earn points by visiting sites, signing up for things, and making purchases.  The biggest difference is that they have a SuperLucky Button that you can use to try to earn free points every day and the minimum for payout is pretty easy to reach.  I earned $2 in Amazon dollars within three days.  That might not seem like much, but it adds up pretty quickly considering I only use it for a very short while when I’m on there.  I’m almost to another $1 payout and I haven’t even had time to use the site every day.

MintVine–MintVine is more of a survey site, but they do offer points for certain purchases and clicks.  They offer payment as soon as you get to 1000 points, which is $10.  You choose how you want to be paid from their list of options and when you reach the threshold, they send it to you!  If you do the surveys at least a few days a week, it’s really not hard to get to 1000 points.

There are also several more survey sites that appear to be worth trying out.  So far, I haven’t qualified for too many surveys with anyone but MintVine, but I’m trying some different companies and I’ll let you know how that goes!

Although it’s coming down to the wire, there is definitely still time to make some extra cash before Christmas.  Or, if you are already fully funded for this year, why not go ahead and start on savings for the new year?!?