2015 Favorites From That One Mom

As the year is drawing to a close and I’m looking back through my blog posts for 2015, I realize I didn’t post half as much as I intended to.  Also, I’ve apparently done a whole lot of cooking and not nearly enough crafting or decorating!

My plan is to even that all out this year, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite posts of the past year for you to enjoy!!

  1.  House and Money 2015:  Organizing Everything!  Technically, I didn’t organize everything.  And I had to use my Christmas savings for something besides Christmas.  Still, it’s a place to start and there are some great ideas in there for paying debt, saving money, and organizing the house.  I didn’t get it all done in 2015, but 2016 is a brand new year.  We’ll get there!
  2. Last Minute Super Bowl Party Ideas.  Includes links to some of my best appetizer recipes.  You won’t be sorry!
  3. Happy Chocolate Will Be Half Price Tomorrow Day!!  This is actually more about the messages they should put on conversation hearts than it is about Valentine’s Day…but it’s soooo funny!
  4. 14 Things For the Non-Rider To Do at Dollywood.  Trust me, there is plenty.  Also, trust me when I tell you not to go the week after Christmas.  Crazy.
  5. Benedictine Spread.  It’s really not just for the Derby, but that’s as good of an excuse as any to make it!
  6. Sort-of-Like-Momma’s Cornbread Salad.  Cornbread salad is super yummy.  I mean, it has bacon…
  7. Need Money for Christmas?  10 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Holiday Cash!  I suggest we all start now!!
  8. “Wicked Spiders” Halloween printable.  It’s free.  And it’s Halloween-y.
  9. Quick and Easy Banana Cream Pie Dip.  C’mon…we have to have some dessert!!
  10. More Ways to Earn Extra Christmas Cash or Jump-Start Your New Year Savings!  I know I am ready to start saving again.  How about you?

There you have it…my favorites from 2015.  Hopefully 2016 will bring many, many more like it!!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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