Want a Free “Wicked Spiders” Printable for Halloween? Here It Is!

Is anybody else absolutely stunned at how fast this whole year is flying by?  Honestly, it’s almost Halloween and I am so far behind it might as well be last year!

I truthfully haven’t done a lot of Halloween decorating this year.  I’m even doubtful that I will get the porch decorated at all, but y’all know me and I’m more concerned with Christmas decorating at this point anyway!!

I am working on prettying up my Hoosier cabinet.  I love to do that one for some reason.  It’s not even in a high traffic area for visitors, but it’s my favorite space to decorate in the entire house.  It had more of a witchy theme last year (you can see it here) and I’m going to go with that again.  Only I think I’m going for more of a “witch’s closet” look this time around….we’ll see how it turns out.

One thing I have accomplished is making a couple of free printables for my loyal blog readers.  (That’s you!!)  The one I’m sharing today is pretty simple, but still very cute.  I’ve been having problems with my printer, so I experimented a little and changed the size.  I got tired of doing the dimensions of an 8×10, only to have to trim half of it away to fit it in my frames.  Technically I guess it is a frame problem and not a printer problem!!  At any rate, it’s a slightly smaller dimension than usual.  Let me know what you think.  : )

I’ll be sharing my cabinet decor later this week, so make sure to check back to see what it looks like in the frame!


Wicked Spiders Printable

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