That One Mom 2014 Favorites!

That One Mom Favorites From 2014!

2014 is almost at its end.  Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?  Seems to me that all of the years are going a little too fast.  I’m not all that thrilled about it either!!

In honor of the year’s end, I wanted to do a list of my top 10 blog posts (Why top 10, I don’t know.  It seems to be how it’s done).  But…I couldn’t narrow it down.  So instead, you are getting 14 in honor of the year!!  Call me a rebel.  I did eat leftover Chinese takeout for breakfast.

That One Mom 2014 Favorites:

These aren’t in any particular order and they may not be posts that other people really liked (or even read).  They are just my own personal favorites!


No Bread In The Basket: One Family’s Tale of Survival Without Snow Day French Toast…Stuff happens.  And sometimes I’m a little snarky.

No Bread In the Basket  One Family’s Tale of Survival Without Snow Day French Toast


The Best Cake Pops Ever: Frosted Banana Cake Pops!…These are oh so very good.  As a matter of fact, I might make some this week!

Frosted Banana Cake Pops Recipe

Frosted Banana Cake Pops


This Is What Beautiful Looks Like: A Microtia Story…If not the best, then close to the best, thing I have ever written.  Things from the heart are like that though.

This Is What Beautiful Looks Like: A Microtia Story


Give My Regards To Broadway!!…My little Broadway Baby…I ♥ her!

Give My Regards To Broadway!!


30-Day Blog Challenge Day 25–Don’t Let Go…One of those sweet things you just never forget.

30-Day Blog Challenge Day 25--Don't Let Go


30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 19–Remember That One Time?!?…I do remember, I do!!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 19--Remember That One Time?!?


Welcome To Clinton, Y’all: Antiques and Appalachia!…Fun places and fun people equal fun days!

Welcome To Clinton, Y'all:  Antiques and Appalachia!


Spicy Veggie Pizza…Whatever it takes to get you to eat more vegetables.

Spicy Veggie Pizza


Apple Pecan Pork Loin…This is Funny Bubby’s favorite.  He asks for it a lot!

Apple Pecan Pork Loin


Halloween In The House!…Don’t eat that apple…

Halloween In The House!



Hot Mulled Cider…Apple Juice transformed!

Hot Mulled Cider


My Christmas Bucket List + A Bucket List Printable!…Everybody needs a Christmas Bucket List.


Cider Brined Turkey…My favorite way to eat turkey.


We Need A Little Christmas: Front Porch Welcome!!…This was a hard choice.  I’m loving all of my Christmas decorations this year, but I think my porch is especially cute!!


That’s it.  I’ve tried to share some my best recipes, decorations, and stories all year long, but these are my own personal favorites.  Hope you enjoy them as well!!

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